Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wherein Politics is Discussed

Apparently a number of states are talking about secession from the Union.  I live in one of the states with such a proposal.

Frankly, I can't see why anyone else would care?

Let's think about liberals out in California.  Why would they be concerned if a bunch of ignorant neo-fascist red states split off?  Wouldn't they WANT us to leave the Union, so that they can glory in the unsurpassable light of socialism and progressivism without the neanderthal right-wing teabaggers of the "Party of No" constantly impeding their every effort?

Wouldn't they see that as a good thing?

Shouldn't they be filling their streets with cheers and shouts, that they are free from the troglodytes in the Red States, free at last to usher in the new age of governmental oversight and social protection?  That they can govern themselves however they want?  Pass whatever progressive laws and restrictions they want?

Think about it, liberals.  Cut out the Red States, and what can you do?  National health care.  Enact the Kyoto Protocol.  End the wars.  Legalize gay marriage.  Legalize polygamous marriage.  Heck, legalize animal-human marriage if you want, I won't be able to stop you.  Free abortions for everyone in every stage of pregnancy, and no guns for anyone, ever.  Government subsidized sex-change operations.  No more national debates on Creationism in schools, or prayer in schools, or sex education in schools, or guns in schools, or burkhas in schools.  You can open the borders with Mexico as wide as you want, or freakin' join Mexico if you want; no one will stop you.

You can have everything you want.  You can have freedom to govern yourselves.  Everything you hate Republicans for opposing, all of it, can be yours.  You won't need to drag a bunch of regressive ignorant fools around everywhere.  You can just have your reforms.

All you need to do, is let the Red States leave the Union.  It'd be that easy.

So how'bout it?


Unknown said...

I think the first think people hear when someone says "secession" is "Civil War." And then maybe somewhere else in their minds they consider that we use taxes colllected from *every* state to pay for our innumerable expenses.

Reece said...

Thanks Laura.

Yeah, after reading a number of opinion pieces on it, detractors inevitably mention the bloodshed that happened last time, asking if we learned anything from history and if we really want another civil war, like secession and warfare are inherently linked. So the Civil War is definitely tied strongly to states secession.

Secession didn't work last time because the Northern states refused to recognize the sovereignty of the Southern states and so engaged them in war to reclaim them. The Southern states didn't just rise up and start fighting the North or something, and no one is proposing fighting a war now. The request is to be allowed, peacefully, to retract from the Union, and to remain in close allegiance and friendship (think American and Britain today, who are totes BFFE).

If a government is just - and I believe the US government in many ways is still mostly just - then it should be able to see the increased justice of allowing a geographic region wishing to govern itself separately from them as it sees fit, to no longer be under their dictation or control.

So I think it'd be nice if the rest of the Union simply said "Well, good luck out there, kiddo," and cut the leash.

Plenty of other nations have had secessions from each other, normally for the good of everyone involved. It's possible in a democracy to do it without bloody wars and violence, assuming the goodwill and just principles of a democracy are at work. Seriously, even if the above is rather tongue-in-cheek, I really think it would be in the best interest of the entire nation to realize the irreconcilable differences that exist and just move on. We don't have to be enemies if we don't have to share a house.

It just seems silly to insist this huge giant piece of land must always and forever have a single government rule all the people in it, no matter what those people come to look like.

Vick D'Mental said...

The more important question is, "Why secede at all?"

Because Barack Obama won re-election?

Because other states legalized gay marriage?

Because other states legalized recreational use of weed?

Because the FOXNews spin was all a pack of lies?

Because Karl Rove said so?

Why leave the Union?

It's a child taking his ball and going home. It's a sore loser who throws a pity party after he gloats about how he will win then comes in dead last. It's the behavior of emotional children, all of this talk of secession.

Why is it that the people who claim to love America, who claim to be "real" Americans, who claim to have faith in the vision the Founding Fathers left us, who claim to have the greatest faith in God -- Why is it that THESE are the people who now wish to split the Union, who now deny the validity of the system given to us by the Founders, who now have no faith in God to save the Union?

I don't that that the secessionists love America as much they claim to love it. They just love their idea of America, their vision of what America should be. I don't think that the secessionists who profess themselves devout Christians with faith so strong that it can move mountains have the faith they claim to possess.

I think the secessionist talk is rampant simply because the people doing all of the talking are too scared to do a little introspection because if they did then they would realize that their self-professed faith and love for God and country are just slogans they've been chanting all these years to make themselves feel better.

If you think God will restore America to its former glory (whatever that may be) then to urge secession is to express doubt in God. If you love America then to urge secession is simple hypocrisy.

I put up with Republicans when they're in office. The red states can put up with four more years of a black President.

Reece said...

So wouldn't it be preferable if these whiney sore losers with insufficient love for America and misguided faith in God to restore America or whatever, who are emotional children guided by FOX news and Karl Rove - and who are probably also racist - just made their own stupid country governed by their own idiocy, and stopped being such a constant pain in your neck?

What reason do you have for wanting to govern and be governed by them?

I wouldn't want to play kickball with a kid who cried and threatened to take his ball and go home every time he lost. I'd tell him to leave. I'd get my own ball. I don't wanna deal with that crap. I wouldn't insist that he absolutely must play kickball with us.

Why don't you tell the whiney secessionists to leave, and good riddance, now we can play some decent kickball?

Heck, even if conservatives don't want to secede, why don't liberals want to secede from the Union just to be rid of them? If they were as terrible as liberals always tell me they are, then I'd want to get away from them. I definitely wouldn't demand that no, they can't leave, they must always have representatives in Congress making decisions how to govern my entire life.

I can't pretend to know why people who claim great love for America and to be "real" Americans with the vision of the Founding Fathers and the greatest faith in God might want to leave the Union. But why don't liberals want them to?

S said...

I'm going to dumb this down a little bit (sorry) but if a state(s) want to secede, doesn't that mean they have to coin their own money, have suitable import/export economy and start their own military to possibly defend against invasion and takeover from other countries? I would think that is reason enough not to want to secede.

Reece said...

I wouldn't call that dumbing it down. If anything, my original post was dumbed down from what you're talking about. Definitely valid points. Secession would be a lot more difficult than a lot of the secessionists three years ago seemed to imagine it.